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St. Augustine’s got talent 2020

Tech Tip: Click play. It should immediately start. If you have any problems open SeeSaw and sign in on a different tab – or just leave SeeSaw open app, if using your phone. (If you try to sign in to Seesaw on this page, it doesn’t appear to work). This page may take a minute or so to load due to the number of participants

Yes, Folks.

It is the moment you have been waiting for…. St Augustine’s Got Talent 2020 – special remote version. You don’t get the same atmosphere, but you certainly don’t get that numb bum from sitting on the floor in Cooinda. Again, you will be blown away by the amazing and weird talents of St Augustine’s students.

Before you start, can suggest you grab your brother/sister/dog/parent etc. get comfortable on the couch and maybe even get a (reasonably healthy) snack.

You will enjoy this more if you remember to maximise the screen for each performance. Better still, see if you can get a friendly nearby parent to present this on your big family screen.

So with no further ado…. let’s bring on the Preps!


Prep AC

Prep C