Carnivale Day

Carnivale Day



St Augustine’s will be celebrating ‘Carnevale’ dress up day. All students and staff are asked to come to school dressed up in their favourite Italian Themed character/costume.

Children are not permitted to spray colour their hair as part of their dress up / Carnevale costume. Face painting is allowed but NO spray coloured hair please.

Students are encouraged to wear an Italian themed costume representing an Italian icon such as Pinocchio, a gondoliere, a famous Italian artist, scientist or inventor, a popular Italian car, Italian food, a chef, Mona Lisa, la Befana etc. ​Use your imagination and get some inspiration from Italian culture and folklore.

If students do not have a costume they could wear something with the Italian colours​ ​verde​ – green, ​bianco​ – white and ​rosso​ – red. However, you may choose to wear any other costume in the spirit of ‘Carnevale’.

St Augustine’s Costume Parade ​will take place during school time, ​gelato ​will be provided to all the children and there will be fun and engaging ‘Carnevale’ activities for them to enjoy throughout the day.

The children will also be given the opportunity to taste traditional Italian ​‘pizzelle’ wafers.