Interschool Sport

Interschool Sport

Today we had our 3rd week of Interschool Sport. It was a home game against St Albans Meadows.  The sports that were played were Basketball, Tea Ball and hotshots tennis. We are doing great and are always showing sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation. 


Basketball Girls won 18-8           Basketball Boys won 42-0

Tee Ball girls lost 4-22                Tee Ball boys lost 28-3

Tennis mixed doubles won 4-2   Tennis girls doubles lost 5-1 

Tennis girls solos lost 1-3           Tennis boys solos won 4-2

Tennis boys doubles lost 0-6

A big thanks to all of the parent helpers and of course our teachers Mrs Tadic, Miss Vanessa, Mrs Clare, Miss Natalie 

Lucas and Jazelle