Beyond the Gates

Brimbank Library

Need extra, human support while doing home school? Free online homework and study help

Studiosity is the anytime, online study and homework help service, available to any family for FREE thanks to Brimbank Libraries.
There are two ways students can get help:

  • Connect Live: Students can ask a question and be quickly connected to a real, qualified Subject Specialist via typed or audio live chat, for help with English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, and more.
  • Writing Feedback: Students can upload any essay or written draft and receive detailed feedback from a real writing specialist, that helps them think about and improve their own work.

Studiosity is already used and approved by over 70% of Australia’s public universities, as well as hundreds of public libraries and schools across the country. You can see more about how it works, here:

How to get started

Head to the Library website, all you need is your Library member number and password.

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