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Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus, we believe that you are the son of God who walks beside us each day with an everlasting love. Thank You, that by the life You lived and the death You died, that You set an example of how we too may live in spirit and truth. We know you by many names and the greatest is as “TEACHER.”  Thank You for Your Word that is living and active and growing in our lives. Teach us Your ways. Give us insight into Your Word so that we may know You more.  Teach us to offer you a heart of thanksgiving and praise in all our daily experiences of life. Teach us to be joyful always, to pray continually and to give thanks in all our circumstances.  Thank You for Your eternal blessing on every area of our lives. In your name we pray. Amen


This week we celebrated World teacher’s day. Each of us can name Teachers who were and are important figures in our lives.  But the prime example of what a teacher ought to be is Jesus, a masterful teacher and the perfect role model for all teachers. At St Augustine’s the staff model their work, interactions and daily living on the examples of Jesus.  Jesus’ disciples often addressed him as “Rabbi” which means teacher. The teachings of Jesus were deeply profound yet full of the glory and goodness of God that we too emulate as a Catholic staff. Earlier in the week the children prayed for the staff whom they see as their guides who help them learn and understand more about the world and Jesus. For the children teachers are prominent figures in their lives that nurture not just thier minds, but also their characters. Let us give thanks for the teachers of St Augustine’s and for those teachers in our lives who were there for us.

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