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Our SCHOOL RULES                       

Why do we have them and why are they so important?

Dear Parents,

At St Augustine’s your child’s wellbeing and safety are our priority. In order to ensure that they thrive in the best possible environment, we have developed a classroom discipline plan that affords every student guidance in making good decisions about his and her behaviour and thus the opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing classroom environment.  Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his or her growth, and I know that with your assistance and support in discussing the importance of these rules with your child, together we will make a difference in this process.

The school rules are as follows:

  1. Follow directions
  2. Listen to the speaker without interrupting
  3. Speak appropriately
  4. Hands off!
  5. Move safely at all times
  6. Look after all property

To encourage students to follow the rules, teachers will support appropriate behaviour with verbal recognition and positive notes and rewards.

However, if a student chooses to break a rule, the following steps will be taken.

  1. Warning
  2. Time away from group
  3. Time out – to a formal area in room
  4. Exit grade – with a behaviour sheet
  5. Severe Clause – To Principal / leadership team

If your child brings home a Student Behaviour Sheet, please take a moment to discuss the information on the sheet with your child.  The aim of the sheet is to give families an opportunity to discuss the specific behaviour and hopefully discuss actions that can be taken to ensure that the specific behaviour does not re-occur.

The sheet is NOT designed to punish the child, but rather to help the child specify a behaviour expectation they did not meet and for them to communicate an appropriate action that they can take to meet the behaviour expectation in the future.

With parents, teachers and staff working together we can achieve wonderful outcomes.

Thank you for assisting us in achieving a safe, welcoming and supportive environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this plan or any other matter.

Ms Jodie

Student Wellbeing Leader / Child safe officer

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