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Maths Olympiad

Congratulations to all students from Grade 4, 5 and 6 who participated in the 2019 Maths Games and Olympiads.  During term 2 and 3 students completed five papers which tested their problem solving strategies.  All students should be proud of their achievements.

Special mention to

  • The Maths Olympiad team who scored a collective score placing them in the Top 10% of all schools participating form Australasia
  • Bailey Mulcahy who achieved a perfect score placing him in the top 0.43% of all participants and Mikayla H who placed in the top 2%
  • To all Maths Olympiads students who achieved a score within the top 10%:  Monique B, Jade S, Sienna K, James N and Ashleigh N.
  • To all Maths Games student who achieved a score of 14 or more out of 20:  Jasmin K, Charlie M, Irena R, Johnny S, Ryan H, Blake M, Elizabeth C, Chloe M and James Y.


Student Awards

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:


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