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Q.U.E.S.T Enrichment Program

This week we are launching our NEW Q.U.E.S.T Enrichment Program at St Augustine’s.

At St Augustine’s we are committed to providing learning opportunities which will stimulate all children while simultaneously meeting the unique needs of every student.

The Q.U.E.S.T (Question, Understand, Explore, Seek, and Think) program is an enrichment program specifically designed for our highly able and talented students.

The goals of the QUEST program are to:

  • provide advanced opportunities for students to think and problem solve

  • enhance students’ creative thinking skills and encourage innovation

  • develop students’ metacognitive skills to foster independence and self-directed learning

  • develop students’ social skills though positive peer relationships and social interactions

  • engage students in individual and cooperative learning environments where they have the opportunity to clarify and negotiate their thinking with others.

We can’t wait to see what these creative thinkers come up with during their weekly sessions in the STEM centre with Mr James and Mrs Fedoruk.

Sports News

District Swimming

On Monday the 2nd of March 22 students represented St.Augustine’s at the District Swimming Carnival. All the students who attended showed amazing resilience to face the challenge of swimming 50m in an outdoor chilly pool. Students also cheered on each other and congratulated their peers after finishing their races, what great sportsmanship. Thankyou to all the parent helpers and to the parents who came along to support.
Below are some of the results from the day, Go St. Augustine’s!
50m Freestyle under 10 Girls- Ayla C 1st
50m Freestyle under 10 Boys- Josh J 1st & Marcus B 3rd
50m Freestyle under 11 Girls- Madelene C 1st and Peyton B 3rd
50m Freestyle under 11 Boys- Luke F 2nd
50m Backstroke under 10 Girls- Sophie D 2nd
50m Backstroke under 10 Girls- Kai C 1st
50m Backstroke under 11 Girls- Sienna B 1st & Peyton B 2nd
50m Backstroke under 11 Boys- Luke F 1st & Andre S 2nd
50m Breaststroke 10 Girls- Sophie D 1st & Lily C 2nd
50m Breaststroke 10 Boys- Josh J 1st & Tomislav I 3rd
50m Breaststroke 11 Girls- Madelene C 1st & Lara D 3rd
50m Breaststroke 12 Boys- Michael B 3rd
50m Butterfly 10 Girls- Ayla C 1st

Yr 3-6 Swimming Program

Our two week intensive swimming program draws to a close for our Year 3-6 students. We value and recognise the importance of swimming and water safety and have had access to quality swim schools and instructors. Students have experienced comprehensive lessons and other activities that build confidence and skills in the water.

Thank you to parents who washed bathers and towels nightly and supported us to be able to provide this very important program.


Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients for Making a Difference and Being the Difference.


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