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Student Leaders 2020

Elizabeth Corluka School Captain
Thomas Antonius School Captain
Isabelle Gold School Vice Captain
Jack Mangion School Vice Captain
SRC Leaders
Mataeus Psaila Alessandra Nedelkovski
Alicia Badzaj Joshua Carbis
Annabelle Cullia Anthony Sozzi
Ben Dodd Ashleigh Jamieson
House Leaders
Mollie Lamberti (Bunjil) Ethan Ibrahim (Bunjil)
Sienna Najjar (Chisholm) Noah Boulton (Chisholm)
Jasmine Struklec (Marist) Aydan Boyce (Marist)
Jemma Mulcahy (Taylor) Michael Bouris (Taylor)
Social Justice Advocates
Marcus Scarpaci Amalie Ciocco
Isla Hall Rachael Smith
Sienna Bouris Abbey Willmott
Charlie Callahan Oliver Spehar
Luka Movric Ciara Srour
Will Pixton Lara Delija
Joel Carbis Teya Rogic
Environmental Warriors
Erik Michailides Thinura Wijeratne
Blake Monaghan Milena Cappello
Anton Vukovic Peyton Bondin
Irena Razumic Ena Lukic
Nate Cammarata Sara Lopez
Lily Clinnick Isaac Lau
Fire Carriers
Noah Nesci Abigail Rodrigo
Angus Rodier Mitchell Playfair
Music Maestros
Caitlin Healey Isabella Matesic
Tech Wizards
James Young Phoenix Bridges
James Bonavia Kristijan Clark
Toddler Time/Library Liaisons
Eve Cipriano Milla Abrahamsen
Madelene Cunha Sian Camilleri
Marley Kelly Kayla Vukovic
Cooinda Crew
Andre Schepis Dihein Lokuarachchi
Thomas Quinsee Dylan Hluschko
Adrian Barresi Jayden Amorim-Borg
Luke Favaloro Zac Collins
Lewis Linardon


Welcome to another year of learning together.

The beginning of the year has been exciting as our children settle into the routine of their new classrooms with their new teachers and classmates. Our children have been becoming familiar with their class and school expectations, resulting in a positive ‘buzz’ around our school.

We are looking forward to working with our children throughout the year assisting them to grow, develop and learn.

By knowing what is being explored in your child’s class you can have conversations with your child about what they are learning and use opportunities to provide out of school experiences to support and deepen their learning.

Please click link on the links below to view the Term 1 Overviews for each Year level.

Term 1 Curriculum Overviews

Prep      Term 1 Overview

Year 1/2 Term 1 Overview

Year 3/4 Term 1 Overview

Year 5/6 Term 1 Overview


Keilor Gift

Last Friday our Year 5 students ventured down the hill to Keilor football oval to participate in some sports clinics in preparation for the Keilor Gift. Students refined their skills at sprinting, football and cricket whilst being coached by some local sports stars. At the conclusion of the clinics students were lucky enough to be able to watch a woodchopping session before embarking on the journey back to school. There were smiles all round despite the extreme heat they endured.

Student Leaders Report

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy few weeks at St Augustine’s with parent teacher interviews, Confirmation faith night with the year yr6’s and of course, the new year school mass.

Last Tuesday it was the new year mass, a special time for us to come together as a school community.  After the Mass, Mrs Steere announced our school leaders and house captains, the house captains for Marist [blue team] is Aydan Boyce and Jasmine Struklec, Chisholm [gold team] team is Noah Boulton and Sienna Najjar, Taylor [green team] team is Michael Bouris and Jemma Mulchay, Bunjil [red team] team is Ethan Ibriham and Mollie Lamberti. All other students in years 5 and 6 have a role of responsibility such as Social Justice, SRC, Toddler Time, Library Liaison, Environmental Warrior, Fire Carriers, Cooinda Crew, Tech Wizards and Music Leaders. Each of the groups will have a special role to play within the school and we look forward to seeing what everyone does with their roles, it really is an exciting time to be in year 5 and 6.


For the next two weeks the year 3/4s and 5/6s will be going swimming so make sure you have your bathers ready, make sure that you are at your best behaviour and listen to your teacher remember we are representing our school community when we are out and about so be the best me you can be.


Thomas and Elizabeth (School Captains)



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