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Preps make a smooth start @ St Augustine’s

On Monday we welcomed our 34 new Prep students to our school community. We welcome them warmly and look forward to watching them learn and grow with us.



School Captains

Welcome back, everyone!  It’s been six weeks since we have come to school together but already it feels like a happy environment to begin our learning. We welcome the new teachers to our school community and they are, Natasha Vella, Shayna McKay, Selena Tonzing, Bridget Tadic and Clare Kheir assisted by three new learning support Officers Georgia Peel, Michelle Borg and Daylene Law. Be sure to say hello to all the new staff and give them a proper St Augustines welcome. We can’t forget about the charming new preps as they met their grade 5 buddies earlier this week, we hope they enjoy settling into school life at St Augustine’s..

For those who don’t know us, we are your new school captains Elizabeth Corluka and Thomas Antonius supported by our Vice Captains, Isabelle Gold and Jack Mangion. We would like you to come to us and ask any questions about our school. This year at St Augustine’s we have set Learning Habits that will go for the whole year and I’m sure you have all been getting introduced to the characters. These are the learning habits we are working on this year: Persistent, Adventurous, Reflective, Curious, Collaborative and Flexible. We hope that this year will be a long-lasting memory in your school years  and we can strive to focus on our theme for the year “Make a Difference and Be The Best Me”



Thomas and Elizabeth

Specialist Lessons 2020

All specialist classes commenced this week. Please note that Sports uniform is only to be worn on PE days.  Students in Years 5 & 6 are also permitted to wear their sports uniform on a Friday throughout Terms 1 & 2 if participating in Interschool Sport.

 PC & PAC:

  •         Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) – Tuesday
  •         Physical Education, Technology, Italian  – Thursday  (Sport uniform required)

 12R, 12V, 12T

  •          Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) and Physical Education – Wednesday (Sport uniform required)
  •          Technology – Thursday

 3/4A, 34S, 34M

  •          Technology – Wednesday
  •          Italian, Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) & Physical Education – Thursday (Sport uniform                       required)

 56V, 56A, 56L

  •          Technology – Tuesday
  •          Performing Arts (Music/Dance/ Drama), Italian, P.E -Wednesday  (Sport uniform required)
  •          Interschool sport  -Fridays in Terms 1 & 2  (Sport uniform required if participating)

Italian “Carnevale” arrives at St Augustine’s

‘Carnevale’ celebrations are typically held throughout Italy in the 2-3 weeks leading up to Lent and ending on Shrove Tuesday. Italian cities, streets, theatres and city squares come alive with colour, music, dancers, masks and costumes.

At St Augustine’s children will be given the opportunity to experience the magic of an Italian ‘Carnevale’ festival.

In Week 4, February 19th and 20th the children will help prepare and then sample traditional ‘Carnevale’ sweets called ‘Castagnole’.

The ingredients of ‘Castagnole’ include the following: flour, sugar, olive oil, eggs, lemon, milk.

If you have any concerns please email:


On Wednesday 4th March at 3.00 pm the children and staff will take part in a ‘Carnevale Mask Parade’. The children will display their masks which they will decorate in Italian class.

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