Letter for parents

Term 1 Week 6

On Tuesday we saw the school participate in school photos.  School photos are treasured memories of the children’s time at school and are always looked back on in future years. I look forward to seeing the final photos.


Last week the school captains and vice captains, Christian, Jacqueline, Ryan and Sachi represented the school at the Ash Wednesday mass at St Christopher’s church. They received  ashes from Fr Peter and brought these back to school where each class then held a liturgy for all students to receive the ashes. Thank you to the parents who transported the children to the church then brought them back to St Augustine’s.

On Monday we saw a large number of families attend the first 2024 prep information session. These sessions are held for any prospective new families who may be considering sending their child to St Augustine’s and wish to hear about us. There is another evening session on Wednesday 8th March at 6.30 in the school library. Be sure to let your family and friends know if they have a 2024 prep child and are considering sending them to St Augustine’s!

This newsletter focuses on communication with the school. There are many reasons why the school will regularly communicate to families and many reasons why parents will need to communicate to staff. There are protocols to follow and different forms of communication that all contribute to gaining greater insights to your children’s learning and social emotional needs: 

The school app and newsletter provide ongoing information of past and future events. These are important forms of communication where all parents should have access to these and regularly read messages or newsletters sent to you.

Seesaw is an important classroom communication tool where teachers will post student work or messages about up-coming class events such as excursions, casual clothes days or changes to the day.

Email is an efficient and effective tool that supports timely communication. It strengthens the goodwill and the positive partnership between parents, students and the school to enhance the well being and learning opportunities for students. Emails are an efficient way to set up a suitable time to speak to a teacher rather than become a discussion about your child’s academic progress, learning expectations or behavioral issues. Emails should be short, to the point and contain only essential facts. Teachers will take the discussion offline and call for a meeting if they feel that ongoing discussion is required. Be aware that ‘out of hours’ or ‘in class time’ emails may not be answered immediately nor will staff respond to abusive or aggressive emails. Aggressive or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. Emails will be responded to within 2 working days from receipt of the email.

Teachers may need a face to face meeting. Teachers will email or call to arrange a suitable time. 

Parents should contact the office to inform a teacher of matters of immediate urgency eg. a child needing to go to after care, a change in pick-up arrangements as emails might not be read in time to act upon requirements.

We continue to work together in partnership as we develop the children academically and  also address social emotional issues including friendships, confidence, resilience, perseverance, and emotional regulation. Children will often come home with stories about their day that bring joy but at times may concern you. The appropriate way to communicate with the school is to first make an appointment with the teacher to discuss the concern. Under no circumstance are parents to approach other children in an attempt to ‘sort out’ friendship issues or other issues. Contact the teacher to discuss the issue. The teacher will work with the children in developing their social emotional literacy. Remember they are young children with young minds. As the adults we are here to guide and assist them to interact positively with others and to help them when they struggle. 

The Parents Auxiliary are starting to organise the annual Easter raffle. Each year they organise a number of prizes. These prizes are created from the generous donations of families. We are calling for Easter eggs, bunnies, baskets, soft toy rabbits, chocolate etc.. to create the raffle prizes. If each child could donate an egg, there will be plenty of prizes raffled. Send them to school with your child. Thank you in advance.

The MOSA (Men Of St Augustine’s) group had their first get together two weekends ago. Over 20 dads participated with some new prep dads also joining in. Find out more about the day and the next event organised for the 26th March by reading the Parent’s Page of this newsletter.

I ask that all families remember Safety First during the drop off and pick up times. Under no circumstance will a staff member allow a child to enter a car unless they are parked and stationary. There are some families encouraging children to enter the car while double parked. This means children are being encouraged to enter onto the road. Please do not be offended when a staff member does not allow this to happen. They are protecting the child and keeping them safe. You may need to drive around the block until a car space becomes available. A reminder not to leave your car if parked at the front of the school, particularly during pick up time. This is a drop off/pick up zone only to ensure we have flowing traffic. Remember to be patient!

The First School Advisory Council meeting was held on Tuesday 21st February. I was grateful to be able to meet with the group on school grounds and induct new members onto the council. The meeting discussion centred around the profile of the school, the school priorities, and appointment of the Council Chair. Congratulations to Michelle Calderone who is the 2023-2024 School Advisory Chair.

A reminder that next Tuesday 7th  March is a school closure day as staff participate in a Personal Learning day with a focus on literacy learning and teaching. There are no students on this day.


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