Our School

Our School

St Augustine’s Primary School is a Catholic school in Keilor, working to fulfill the Parish’s mission to assist families in educating their children in faith. Students are encouraged to fully participate in the life of the school including liturgies and other celebrations.

St Augustine’s Primary School, Keilor was opened in 1979 by the Marist Sisters. It was built as the second school by the Parish of St. Christopher’s, Airport West, to service the needs of the Keilor area. The school is situated on the western edge of the Parish, approximately 10 km from St. Christopher’s and on the opposite side of the Calder Freeway.

The St Christopher’s parish is a dual church community with the historical bluestone St Augustine’s church on Harrick Drive Keilor, as the second place of worship for the parish.  This church is viewed as the main place of worship for the St Augustine’s school community.

St Augustine’s is a suburban school in a rural setting. It overlooks the gum trees along Taylor’s Creek, which abuts the school oval. The main building takes advantage of the views and comprises internal classrooms, a library/ STEM Centre, multi-purpose facilities and a small canteen. We also have a number of portables that house our middle and senior classes.

The school provides extensive and picturesque play areas including basketball, netball and volleyball courts. The synthetic grass area is popular with the students for play and physical education lessons while the shaded playground, downball courts and sandpit provides year round creative play for the students.

Our school vision is lived out through out daily words and actions as were strive together to make a difference. As a Catholic School we are committed to working with parents in a partnership to continue the faith development of our students. Through instruction and prayer we aim to develop in our students a deeply personal relationship with God that is life giving and purposeful.

We encourage our students to actively participate in their learning by sharing with them experiences of liturgies and prayer and enabling them to take action to improve their lives and the lives of others and to make a difference every day.

Through student leaders we focus on building a positive culture of responsibility and care. We challenge our students to contribute to the life of the school as a model of good citizenship. We empower our students to look beyond the school fence and explore their world and the difference that they can make.