Notice Board

Term 4 Week 2

A note from the new onsite manager for Big Childcare

Hello families,

I thought I would send out a message to you all to introduce myself.
My name is Latesha and I am the new manager for BIG Childcare. I know it’s been long time since there has been a manager, so I am very excited to be stepping in and welcoming you all with open arms.
I’m currently studying to be a primary school teacher and have been a Co Educator for the past 4 years. So being amongst students is no new roads, however I love the uniqueness and individuality of each and every child. I enjoy watching them grow and really succeed in things they love to do.Here at my program, I make it inclusive and fun, all are appreciated and respected. We are always spreading kindness like confetti, and we love playing out on the yard soaking up God’s creations around us. Most students have found their creative sides with the many arts and craft activities that are available.

Due to there not being a manager for sometime, our toys and resources are down to nothing. We love and appreciate any donations. Thank you to the Velardo family who made a beautiful donation of toys!!


I look forward to seeing many more of you become part of our program.
Latesha :)

Lost Property

If any of these items are yours, please come and collect them from the office. If not collected within the next week, they will be disposed of.


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