Term 3 Week 2


Welcome back to term 3. We are reminded that time flies and waits for no one. And so we seize the day as evident in the full term ahead of us! The weather was beautiful in our first week back. I have included photos of the children at play during the week.

Our Yr 4 students celebrate their First Eucharist in August. Families attended a family night last week as they continue their preparations. Please keep them in your prayers as they look forward to this significant celebration.

During the school holidays our new football posts were erected on the oval. The soccer net was also extended to help stop balls from disappearing down the embankment when the children miss a goal. The children have enjoyed playing both football and soccer as they utilise these improvements. Thank you to the Parents Auxiliary for raising the money to purchase these. Thank you to everyone for your contribution. 

After applying for the ‘Schools Upgrade Fund’ grant earlier in the year, we have been notified that we have been successful!  $25,000 has been granted where it will be used for development of outdoor learning areas where seating will be installed.

The building and renovation project is marching along. As we venture onto the oval and look back at the school we are amazed to see it all taking shape with a multi purpose room as the centerpiece. The builders are finishing off the electrical and plumbing ‘rough in’ with glass slider doors installed, deckings framed and the platform lift soon to be installed. Fingers crossed we will see stage one completed at the end of the term and the students in the newly refurbished classrooms starting term 4!

Over the years the use of mobile devices by everyone, including our children has exploded. A ‘Student Mobile Phone and Portable Digital Communication Usage Policy’ was developed in 2020.  Mobile devices include phones, watches and any other device that may connect to or have a similar functionality to a mobile phone such as smart watches, ie. recording, take photos, messaging etc.. Personal mobile phones/watches owned by students at St Augustine’s Primary School are considered valuable items and are brought to school at the owner’s (student’s or parent/carers) risk. However, students are asked not to bring a mobile phone/smart watch to school unless there is a compelling reason to do so (ie. they are travelling independently to and from school or an exemption has been granted). Students who bring a personal mobile phone/watch to school must switch them off and securely store them in their school bag even if they are equipped with a ’school mode’ functionality.  Students, parents & carers must note that St Augustine’s Primary School does not maintain accident insurance for accidental property damage or theft. Students and their parents or carers are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance for valuable items. As these items would be stored in a school bag, I ask that you give careful consideration to whether it is needed at school. Please see attached the ‘Student Mobile Phone Usage Policy’. 

Cathy Steere

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