Term 4 Week 10

What a wonderful way to finish off the year with our children caroling us tonight and with our end of year liturgy next Thursday morning led by our prep children and our Yr 6 Graduation celebration Wednesday evening. These are always events to look forward to as we celebrate the very essence of who we are at St Augustine’s-spirit filled and full of life and learning! And so another year has come to pass and in amongst the chaos and mayhem of this busy period, we stop and reflect on the year that was, the memorable moments, the lessons learnt, and the friendships gained and strengthened. St Augustine’s has had an eventful year 

The last newsletter of the year is always a time for reflection and celebration. It has been a full year of learning experiences, friendships made in a spirit filled school community. Thank you for your ongoing support and positivity as we continue to make a difference while letting our light shine.

The end of the year can also bring journeys to a close as we look for new opportunities and adventures.  This year we sadly say goodbye to some valued staff member. We say goodbye to Daylene Law (LSO) who has been with us for  four years working in our middle classes. Daylene will be enjoying retirement! We farewell Natasha Vella who has been working as a classroom teacher in the 1/2 level for the past four years. Natasha will be pursuing study in Speech Therapy as she changes focus and looks to working with children in this area. Farewell also to Hollie Saad who worked as a classroom teacher in prep this year. Hollie will be leaving us to have a baby! Trish Walsh our Deputy Principal and Learning Diversity leader will also be on leave next year. Thank you to all these wonderful staff members who have contributed so much to St Augustine’s. Good luck in your future endeavors! With Trish on leave next year I have appointed two interim deputies for the year. Jacinta Fedoruk will continue as out Learning and Teaching/Community Partnerships Leader and Deputy Principal and Clare Kheir will continue as our Maths Leader and Deputy Principal.

We welcome new staff to the St Augustine’s community for 2024. Welcome to Linda Laws who will be working with Vanessa Cullum in 5/6 V. Welcome to Claire Broadfoot who will be our Learning Diversity Leader and welcome to Samantha Bruzzese who joins us as a new Learning Support Officer.

The year could not have been so full and rich without the support of so many.  Thank you to the staff who continue to provide a warm and welcoming environment where they focus on high impact learning and teaching and who continue to support the vision of the school. Thank you to our families as we continue to support each other and our children.  A special thank you to our hard working Parents Auxiliary who have provided so much for the children including lunch orders, fundraising drives and BBQs. Thank you for the Carols BBQ and for organising the Christmas Raffle. Thank you to all the families who contributed to the Christmas raffle, big and small. There are many fabulous prizes to be won including a fabulous prize acquired by the Domazetovski family from The Lakes Health Fitness and Lifestyle Club of a free term of swimming lessons!  Thank you to all the 2023 Advisory Council members who have supported the school and myself this year. The partnerships that we all forge together continue to have a profound impact on the children emotionally, spiritually and academically. All your support has been greatly appreciated. Thank you to our children who provide us with the reasons we do what we do. Your thirst for knowledge and friendships keeps us all eager to do our best and make a difference! Farewell to our Yr 6 children and 11 Yr 6  families where this is also their final year. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and support you throughout your life long journey. Farewell to the following families: Cucanic, Cunha, Razumic, Tomic, Tonkovic, Battaglia, Goodison, Matesic, Pantano, Hauke and Rodrigo families.

The School Advisory Council met for our last meeting of the year where school fees where discussed and ratified. Every year we endeavour to keep fees as low as possible and try to only incur small increases due to CPI. The 2024 school fee schedule is attached. You will see that fees are now charged per year level rather than as a combined cohort, ie. 1/2, 3/4, 5/6. Over the past four years the 3-6 children have been part of an iPad program where they pay off their iPad over the four years. This will continue for the 4-6 children who will also own the iPad once they leave in Yr6. After consultation with IT company ‘Education Advantage’ and taking into consideration the rising cost of technology and the rapid changing of digital devices, our 2024 year 3 children will now use school devices as the school takes on the lease for this cohort. These devices will continue to be owned by the school where the children return them to the school once they leave in yr 6. 

The children’s school year finishes on Friday 15th December at 1pm.  We will say our final farewells to the Yr 6 children and staff at an assembly on the basketball court, commencing at 12.30pm. The 2024 year starts for children: Prep and surnames A-J Tuesday  30th January. Prep and surnames K-Z Wednesday 31st January. All children attend Thursday 1st February

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year. I hope that you have time to spend with family, friends and loved ones and that the joy of Christmas brings you peace, hope, joy and love. And hopefully some rest and relaxation!  I leave you with this Christmas blessing:





“May you be blessed

With the spirit of the season, which is peace,

The gladness of the season, which is hope,

And the heart of the season, which is love.”

And God’s peace to you.”

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