Term 4 Week 4

Our year 3/4 children enjoyed a two day camp this week at Lady Northcote camp, Bacchus Marsh. After canceled camps over the past two years it was great to have the children experience their first camp. We all had an enjoyable time regardless of the weather. Although, I was grateful for the sunshine as I paddled in a canoe on the second day!  A big thank you to our dads, Pete, Rob, Dave and Stan for volunteering and offering such valuable support and muscle! Thank you to our staff who also gave of their time while organising their own young families in order to be with our children: Shayna McKay, Selena Tonzing, Jess Taylor, Kristina Costello, Karen Parker and Anne Durham. Thank you Ms McKay for taking on the role as camp leader and getting us all organised.

We congratulate Ms Stephanie Rotili (Prep teacher) and her soon to be husband, Glen, as they get married this Sunday. The prep children surprised her on Wednesday as they came to school in their Sunday best to celebrate her impending nuptials. There were many parents happy their child could get one last wear out of their child’s suit before the child grew out of it!

Today we celebrated ‘World Teachers Day’ and recognised the great work of all the Staff at St Augustine’s.  The prep children presented the entire St Augustine’s staff with a handcrafted bookmark to honour their dedication and support of all our children and family. We are truly blessed with a talented and caring staff who always have our children at the centre of all they do.  Thank you and Happy World Teachers’ Day to them all!

The renovations have started!! The builders have built a wall separating the works from the rest of the school and erected fences to ensure safety of all. They have begun demolition of deckings and internal structures. I will be taking photos of the progress and will continue to share these with the community.

Congratulations to the Parents Auxiliary and our children who raised $20,277.64 for the Fun Run! What a magnificent effort. Congratulations and thank you to Claire Boskovic for all her hard work in organising this event.

Increasingly our children are coming to school with mobile phones and devices including Smart watches. St Augustine’s Primary School discourages students bringing personal mobile phones to school. It does however, acknowledge that some students may bring a personal mobile phone to school, particularly if they are traveling independently to and from school or need to contact a parent about pick up. Mobile phones are not permitted for use at St Augustine’s Primary School during school hours. Smartwatches and other communication devices are included in this rule. Students who bring a personal mobile phone to school must switch them off and securely store them in their school bag. If students are found to be using them during class time they will be confiscated until the end of the day. Please refer to the Student Mobile Phone Usage Policy on the website.

A reminder that 2021 school fees are now overdue due. Fees were to be finalised by by July. Please attend to any overdue fees ASAP.  

I am calling for nominations for the School Advisory Council (previously called the Education Board). This is a two year tenure with seven meetings throughout the year. During the colder months these meetings are conducted online. Please see information on the Noticeboard page for more information and access to the ‘expression of Interest’ form.

Save the date for our school ‘Carols by Cooinda’ night on the evening of 8th December. The Parents Auxiliary and MOSA will be running a sausage sizzle first followed by our children retelling the Christmas story though carols and a narrative. More details as we get closer to the event.

A reminder that there is a school closure day this Monday, where the children do not attend school. Tuesday is also a public holiday. Enjoy the long weekend!


Our sympathies are extended to the Christopher family at the recent passing of their grandmother.

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