Term 1 Week 10

As we approach the end of term it is a time of reflection and celebration of solid learning and connections. I am so pleased that we have been back together and continued to aspire to great things as we collaborate together. We have been able to continue with our strong learning and teaching while participating in many extracurricular activities such as interschool sports, whole school athletics day, incursions, Yrs 3-6 swimming, Parent Auxiliary social night, Easter raffle, icy poles, lunch orders, 2023 prep enrolment meetings, School Advisory Council meetings and many more. Some of these have continued online such as School Advisory Council meetings and Parent Auxiliary meetings but it has not affected the commitment and enthusiasm of those attending. I am mindful of those in our community who have been affected by COVID this term and we continue to support them as best we can. The children have transitioned back to face to face admirably while staff have been very aware of any difficulties that some children may have been experiencing. We all look forward to another solid term next term as we continue to, ‘Make a Difference’!

The community has been very patient as we all wait for further restrictions to be lifted. Next term we will welcome parents back onsite at the morning drop off and pick up. Gates will open at 8.30am in the morning where parents can walk their children onto the school grounds. Children will have 15 minutes to play before the first  bell goes where they will collect their bag and walk to their class. Our protocol has always been that parents do not come into the building. This allows for students to walk in independently and for staff to be 100% available to the students. The gates will again open at 3.00pm so that parents can come on to the school grounds to collect their children at 3.15 pm. We must always continue to socially distance. If this is not possible then please wear a mask. Drop off and pick up zones will continue to be in operation also if you choose to continue this way. Do not park in drop off/pick up areas or leave your car there. Please park in side streets if you are coming on to school grounds. During other times, if parent/carers are coming on to school grounds they must always report to the school office.

A reminder about road safety when picking up children after school. I have noticed a number of people crossing the road at the front of the school, particularly at the bend in the road. I ask that you continue to be careful if you need to cross the road and to not cross at the bend as this is a blind spot for cars. I ask that all vehicles be aware of your surroundings and travel slowly on Augustines Way at all times.

Congratulations to our Yr 6 students who celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation last Friday evening. It was a lovely warm evening where Bishop Terry Curtin and Fr Peter presided over the celebration. All the children should be commended for their reverence and preparation. Thank you to the Yr 6 teachers for your organisation and preparation of the children. Thank you to Trish Walsh and Vanessa Cullum for taking on the role as Religious Education Leader this term.

I am pleased to introduce to you our new Religious Education Leader (REL). Frances Barone began on Wednesday and will be working every Wednesday and Thursday. She will be working with teachers as they plan their Religious Education sessions and with students, especially as she organises the sacraments. Frances comes with a vast knowledge and  experience in Religious Education and with a strong capacity to listen and collaborate with everyone. I am sure you will extend a hearty St Augustine’s welcome to Frances. 

On Monday I was visited by Tania Hutton, Principal of Ave Maria and Tania Di Fazio the registrar. We were able to meet face to face for the first time since Tanya was appointed. It was a lovely conversation where we talked about establishing community connections between the schools and where we spoke about our schools and our communities. Tanya is excited to meet the girls who will be attending Ave Maria in the future.

Good luck to Ayla Cucanic who will compete in the Regional swimming carnival next Tuesday. I am sure she will swim hard and proudly represent herself and St Augustine’s. Good luck also to our Yr 6 students who will be participating in the AFL gala football competition next Thursday. Thank you to Mrs Bridget Tadic for organising the children to compete in these events. 

The renovation program has experienced some delays this year. We had hoped to start this term. We are currently negotiating prices with one builder and hope to have this finalised soon. We look to start the renovations in early term 2. While there will be some disruptions to classes we have continued to plan for these moves in readiness for the start date. I will keep you posted. 

This Friday night the Parents Auxiliary have organised a social night out at the Keilor Hotel. The response has been great and I look forward to seeing parents there. Thank you to Claire Boskovic and Stefanie Dzidzic for organising the event.

Term 1 finishes next Friday at 1.00 pm. The children will assemble outside at 12.30pm to draw the Easter raffle. If you wish to view this assembly you could walk to Linear park to watch from there. The Parents Auxiliary continues to call for Easter eggs/donations for the raffle. Raffle books have been sent home-50c a ticket or $5 the whole book. Please write the name of the person on the stub so we know who the winners are when the raffle is drawn. A reminder also that we return on Tuesday 26th April as the 25th is ANZAC day and a public holiday.

I will be on Long Service Leave in weeks 1-3 of term 2. Any contact usually made through me can be directed to or to Trish Walsh the Deputy Principal.

Happy Easter to everyone as we celebrate Easter in the middle week of the holidays. Have a peaceful Easter and a re energising holiday and may the risen Christ shine His light on us, through us and over us and bring us renewed hope and faith with his Resurrection.


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