Notice Board

Term 4 Week 4

School Advisory Council

St. Augustine’s School Advisory Council has been established to further recognise and support the development of Gospel and educational values within the school community. St Augustine’s School Vision underpins all the activities of the Advisory Council .

The School Advisory Council provides parents/caregivers with the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes within the school.  It is a forum for discussion of ideas and initiatives and also the sharing of information with the parent body. The School Advisory Council advises and supports the Parish Priest and Principal in fulfilling their responsibility and authority to the management and future direction of St Augustine’s.

The St Augustine’s School Advisory Council aims to:

  • Provide links between the Principal, Parish Priest, parents and teachers.
  • Contribute to school policy.
  • Discuss school issues and makes recommendations.
  • Promote the school and strengthens school/community links.
  • Enable parents to have a say in the decision-making process.

If you would like to join the School Advisory Council please add your details to this Expressions of Interest Form.

Icy Poles

The PA has officially begun selling Icy Poles for 50c during recess break. These will only be sold on days where the maximum for the day is forecast to be 20°C or above.


As we begin to experience the warmer weather there are a few important Sunsmart messages to convey to the children:
No Hat No Play
Please continue to ensure all children are wearing their school hat as they will be asked to stay in the shaded areas if they do not have one (Please refer to our
Sunsmart Policy for more information). Students are also encouraged to apply sunscreen in the morning prior to coming to school and to bring along a roll on sunscreen to re-apply before going outside at each break. Children without a hat will be asked to remain under the portico outside the toilets or undercover near the BBQ and when down on the oval to remain under the tree near the adventure playground. St Augustine’s Primary School encourages all students, staff members, parents and volunteers to protect themselves from UV Radiation.

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