Notice Board

School Fees

A statement for your information will be emailed today.

Returning to School 2021

There are still families who have not responded  via the Google Form posted in the notifications.  If you have not filled out the form, can you please do so by tomorrow.  Many thanks.

School Absence

A reminder to parents that if your child is to be absent from school, please fill in the form on the school app.  Please do this prior to 9.00 am.  Thank you.


As we begin to experience the warmer weather there are a few important Sunsmart messages to convey to the children:

No Hat No Play

Please continue to ensure all children are wearing their school hat as they will be asked to stay in the shaded areas if they do not have one (Please refer to our Sunsmart Policy for more information).

Students are also encouraged to apply sunscreen in the morning prior to coming to school and to bring along a roll on sunscreen to re-apply before going outside at each break.

Children without a hat will be asked to remain under the portico outside the toilets or undercover near the BBQ and when down on the oval to remain under the tree near the adventure playground.

St Augustine’s Primary School encourages all students, staff members, parents and volunteers to protect themselves from UV Radiation

Brimbank School Crossing Supervision – Covid 19 Safety Changes 


  •          Compulsory wearing of masks – WHISTLES WILL NOT BE USED
  •          Hand signals and voice commands will be used to instruct pedestrians in place of the whistle
  •          To maintain social distancing,  all supervisors will stand on the opposite side of the crossing to where             pedestrians approach

Morning shift:   School Side location

Afternoon shift: Opposite side to school

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