Term 4 Week 6

It was a fabulous day last Wednesday as we welcomed back all the students to school. There were many happy and excited faces..and that was just the parents!! When I talk to the students it has been a resounding ‘yes’ that they are glad to be back. We know that there is still some care needed as the children transition back to interacting with friends, sustain a full day in the classroom and wear a uniform and shoes! The staff are aware that some children may struggle in different ways as we get used to being back. However, it has been wonderful to walk through the corridors and hear children, laughter and plenty of ‘hellos’.

Last Friday we began the first of four transition sessions with our 2022 prep children. It was exciting times as we were unsure that this would even go ahead. Small groups of children came at staggered times to work with staff to begin getting used to ‘big school’. They were each given their ‘I’m going to St Augustine’s PS’ t-shirts which they wore proudly. There will be another three sessions with a final session in December where they will get to meet their 2022 grade and teacher.

With the challenges we have all been going through it is always heartwarming when we hear of special stories from our families that lift our spirits and remind us how fortunate we are. One of our Yr 1 students, Aurora Gulizia, was featured in the Herald Sun on Monday as she prepared to cut her hair to raise money for Koala Kids. On Wednesday she featured on Studio 10 where they actually cut her hair! Aurora’s hair is going to an 8 year old girl who has struggled with cancer for most of her life. Orlando, her little brother is in remission after being diagnosed at 17 months with brain cancer. Well done Aurora. You have made a difference in someone’s life!  We are happy to say that Orlando will be joining us in prep in 2022!

The school has been busy as each class has been rehearsing for the filming of the school production, ‘4 Minutes’. The dress rehearsal took place on Monday with the filming next Wednesday17th December. It is coming together nicely under the enthusiastic direction of our Performing Arts teacher, Ms Elisabetta Logozzo and the assistance of Chris James, Jacinta Fedoruk and all the school staff.

The school continues to adhere to protocols to help minimise the chance of COVID infection. Unfortunately we can never be completely sure that I will not one day be informing you of an infection in the school. However we continue to be vigilant with our aim that everyone can be with loved ones for Christmas.

  • Mask wearing by adults and children yrs 3-6 while indoors
  • Class groupings working in hubs
  • Learning outside sessions integrated into the day
  • Playground segregated as best as possible
  • High touch areas cleaned at each break.
  • School cleaner continuing with enhanced cleaning
  • Soap and sanitiser in each grade
  • Windows and doors open to allow for airflow (with consideration given to comfort on cooler days)
  • Social distancing of adults at 1.5m-We continue to hold staff meetings online

We have our First Eucharist celebrations beginning Saturday 20th November. Yr 4 & 5 children will be celebrating this sacrament on that weekend and also the 27th November. Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks to Vanessa D who has spent countless hours with the parish and parents trying to organise these sacraments over the past 2 years!


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